Software Developers In Ethiopia

Posted On 17 January 2020 ( 7 Minute Read )

Developers working together

We are excited to be a part of the fast-pacing movements of the technology industry. We got the chance to be working with a diverse group of software developers.  Addis Software did not come to this industry to pass modestly. Rather make our presence felt and make an impact by contributing a little to the software industry we are involved in.

A lot of people often tend to ask me questions about the tech ecosystem in Ethiopia. Such as “How does the tech echo system look like?”, “Are there good software developers in Ethiopia?”, “What technologies do you use?”, “Will I be able to start a business in Addis Ababa in software development and become successful?”…

I may not have the shortest answer to all those questions but YES! I am confident to say that there are astonishing software developers in Addis Ababa and Ethiopia as well. 

Addis Software has come a long way from its beginnings in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. When the company first started, we wanted to closely work with software developers in Addis Ababa by providing opportunities, such as projects, internet access, working spaces, and communication. 

For starters like us, the outcome was surprising. We learned a lot in the process and it turned out great. 

Software Developers Potential? 

Back when I was in college studying Software Engineering, there were around 30 public universities. However, only a few them offered Software Engineering as a major. Ethiopia has now 43 public universities. Can you imagine how big the potential generated from these institutions every year? 

There are also some private colleges and universities that only give Computer Science and Software Engineering fields.

Not to forget self-taught software developers in Ethiopia, who for me are the best of all. There are plenty of self-thought software developers.

There are also incubation hubs that work hard to assist developers and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas both financially and ideally. 

The potential is what motivates us to work hard. Working with enthusiast developers, always learning something new and growing together. We are working hard on building an open and transparent culture where everyone feels comfortable to ask questions and learn from each other.

Are there things to do?

This may be a huge topic to be discussed on another blog. To shortly address what I have observed on my little journey, even though there is a vast number of graduating enthusiast software developers every year and the sector is growing very rapidly, there are still numerous works to be done in the IT Sector. 

For example, according to statistics, Ethiopia’s 79.24 % of the population lives in rural areas. Agriculture holds the majority of the population. Unless we support this sector with technology, Ethiopia’s growth will be very reluctant. 

We have to formulate ways to involve technologies, such as GPS technology, AI and other technologies to be more productive and efficient.  

Another area that has not been touched is an online payment system. I assume many factors are out there holding the government back from not having an online payment system yet.

Whatever the reason is, and when the government is ready who is going to develop those systems? If software development companies like Addis Software and others in collaboration don’t?

Government offices are other huge sectors that need to be digitalized very soon. This will reduce corruption, save time and foster growth of a country.

There are many sectors I did not mention above where one can start a an IT business in Ethiopia. I see it as an opportunity and of course lucky to be impactful.

All in all, 

Our passion for forging the best communication between our team to sharpening the essence of what the developer community can ultimately accomplish is what drove us to take serious actions, which gave us and our team the momentum to turn hard work, passion, and inspiration into to credited software solutions we develop now. 

Addis Software is home to software developers, a place to learn, grow and expand creativity. Many More Software development companies are also needed to foster the growth of our country. 

Getting started with react-native

Posted On 01 January 2020 ( 4.9 Minute Read )

react native
react native

Getting started With React Native

What is react native

If you are just getting started with React I suggest reading those blogs in Addis Software website Getting started with react.js and also hooks

React native is a new way of putting your ideas to people’s hands in a short time. chances are If you are a developer, you already are familiar with javascript or could be an expert with it.

well, mobile development wasn’t easy for everyone. we use to struggle even to set up the environment rather than finishing the application in a given time. All that struggle looks to bear fruit, peoples irritation seems to build the greatest pain killer in mobile application development history, here it goes, drum roll please, ‘REACT-NATIVE‘.

React native has shifted the way we used to look at mobile application development. It has shifted our focus from learning the language to building an awesome experience for our users with the most known or famous language on the planet Javascript.

yes you heard it right Javascript is the most known and famous language on the planet according to StackOverflow, sorry if I crashed your python or c++ or PHP or java fantasies.

Here it is important to know that react-native apps are not browser-based like PhoneGap or Cordova. instead, these apps are written in javascript and rendered in native UI but still, the logic of the app is running in javascript. That means you have good performance but you have less than native performance. which is what we want for most apps. But here its good to note you have to choose frameworks according to its pros and cons according to your app you are building. If you want a very performant app its better to choose other frameworks like Flutter or native codes.

Your very first React Native App

setting up the development environment for React Naive might be a little bit of a hassle for some people. I suggest strictly following the docs at the Official react-native website

with that being said let’s go ahead and start our react native app

$ npx react-native init OurFirstAwesomeApp
//this will start the app template for you

With the code above react-native, CLI will give you the basic boilerplate for your app.

after that what you want to do is change the app.js to reflect your changes in your new app

import React from 'react';
import {View, Text} from 'react-native';

function App() {
   return (<View>
           <Text> hello world from react-native </Text>

export default App;

As you can see from the above code, we have written a very similar code with react.js. in the above example the only difference being we have used View and Text instead of HTML tags.

As we have discussed before in React-native the UI is converted to Native UI, which is a great thing because it gives you the native speed and also enables you to give instant feedback.