About Us

Who We are

Welcome to Addis Software PLC, your premier software development team headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Serving clients both nationwide and globally, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality advice, sales, and support to ensure our clients maximize their investments.

Our <span>Vision</span>

Our Vision

Addis Software PLC was founded with a noble mission – to not only provide exceptional software development services but also to contribute to Ethiopia’s IT sector by offering opportunities to talented developers. Our projects aim to catalyze significant positive changes, digitalizing government and private sector services. We strive to cultivate an environment where knowledge-sharing and collective growth flourish, fostering an open and transparent culture within our office.

Our Range of Services

Our diverse services encompass IT services, software solutions, website and application development, consultancy, and digital marketing. Backed by an elite team with extensive experience serving both enterprises and startups, we take pride in being your digital partner on the path to business success, market dominance, and unwavering dependability. Join us in navigating the digital landscape with confidence and innovation.

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Evolution Into Excellence

What began as a group of passionate software developers has evolved into the leading software development team in Ethiopia. Our journey is fueled by a mission to create “digital well-being” for the public, allowing talented programmers and tech enthusiasts to showcase their skills on large-scale, challenging projects while fostering continuous learning and growth.

Evolution Into <span>Excellence</span>

Our Commitment

At Addis Software PLC, we prioritize forging optimal communication between our offered services and clients. We recognize the immense potential of the developer community and are dedicated to sharpening the essence of what it can ultimately achieve.

We pride ourselves on having elite staff in Ethiopia who have been providing their services and expertise for enterprise and startup companies for a long period until now. We want to be your digital partner so you can gain business success, market fearfulness, and undependability.

Our <span>Commitment</span>

Meet The Team

Meet our dedicated team of innovators and creatives. With diverse expertise and open communication, we thrive on collaboration. Each member contributes unique skills, fostering a dynamic and forward-thinking environment. Committed to excellence, we are a dedicated, bright, and creative team.