We offer European standard software development service for both Ethiopia and worldwide businesses helping them thrive.

When a client initially engages with our company, they encounter a distinct emphasis on prioritizing their needs and requirements. We seamlessly transition concepts into viable business ventures, utilizing our expertise to transform ideas into tangible successes. Collaboration lies at the core of our operations, as our team-based approach ensures comprehensive solutions and optimal results. Moreover, we foster talent through dedicated nurturing initiatives, empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential within our dynamic environment. Our focus extends beyond mere service provision; we specialize in system development and software product innovation, delivering cutting-edge solutions that propel businesses towards sustained growth and success.


We closely work with our clients throughout the software development lifecycle.

  • Idea Development

    • Client Relation

    • Understanding Clients Ideas

    • Requirement Analysis

  • Continuous Development & Integration

    • Agile

    • Waterfall

  • Maintenance

    • Address bugs

    • Security vulnerabilities

    • Compatibility issues

Why choose Addis software?

Addis Software offers software development service in Ethiopia helping  you design, develop, and scale attractive, user-centric web and mobile products tailored to your business’s specific needs. We conduct thorough research outlining each service’s pros and cons until we hit the sweet spot. So that fits your company’s vision and strategy. Our team, comprised of the best software developers Ethiopia has to offer has won the African Outstanding Professional Award for developing Staggering projects for a wide variety of customers providing software development service in Ethiopia and worldwide. at Addis software, We view our clients as long-term partners with whom we collaborate, rather than as projects to be completed. We offer the same, and much more, to you as well.