Internship at Ethiopian Software Company


home for developers and a place to learn and grow. Addis Software internship program is made to help university students that are interested in the Tech industry to develop their skills in an open and friendly environment.    Addis Software internship program can be a different experience with the concept of forging a better Ethiopian Tech community and setting the standard. The internship will help new developers get an insight into working with developers in a growing environment    Addis Software internship programs help young adults learn how to better their skills and gain sufficient knowledge in the inner workings of a Tech industry. With the internet to nourish and teach interns, Addis Software internship program will help you get hands-on experience working in different programming languages and technologies. Interns will be able to learn and work on projects that involve new technologies like React, Redux, Express, Mongo, Docker, and Ci/Cd. 


  The interns in Addis Software will get to work closely with developers in an open and learning environment.  Besides from working with the best software development team in Ethiopia, interns will get ; 
  • Work on Unique and Interesting project 
  • Learn new technologies and tools 
  • Develop collaboration with the team 
  • Creativity 
  • Mentoring and follow up
  • Nurturing and learning environment 
  • Certificate at the end of the internship


Addis Software internship program accepts new interns by carefully evaluating and filtering out applicants.  If you are a college/university student and are interested in our internship program, you can apply through our website or email Applicants will be filtered out based on their interests and will be contacted through their email to do a test project. After the test projects are submitted, we will go to the last step of evaluation; Interview.  Applicants that passed both the test and interview successfully, will join our internship program according to our internship schedule.  Due to the number of applicants, we advise you to apply two months before the internship period.


Addis Software Plc gives internships twice a year. The first round is from June to August and the second round is from October to December. 


University students that are interested in our internship program can apply by filling in our form ( Addis Software internship program gives equal opportunity to all applicants. For more information regarding our internship program contact us through our email ( or our phone +251 975783525  

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