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We help our clients to build state of the art software products and empower the tech sector with innovative solutions and approaches. The services we give are in parallel with the best practices set by the global community, including tech giants. We make sure our team is up-to date with the technologies used, and therefore delivering the best possible solution to the problem on hand.


Responsive Web and mobile applications compatable with all devices


Advice and guadance to any kind of software products for all sectors


Score high ranking sites with perfectly curated contents and SEO customized sites


Beautifully designed and efficiently strategiezed systems and applications

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We help our clients to build state of the art software products and empower the tech sector with innovative solutions and approaches. The services we give are in parallel with the best practices set by the global community, including tech giants. We make sure our team is up-to date with the technologies used, and therefore delivering the best possible solution to the problem on hand.

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Link builders 🇸🇪 🇲🇹

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BanksEthiopa 🇪🇹

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Our Values

At Addis Software, our workflow inhibits transparency in its core. We deeply value the relation we form with our clients and believe that clear communication, in every stage of the development process, is key for a successful partnership. Hence making sure that the output of our work is aligned with the desired solution.

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Addis Software PLC is a Software and information technology company in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia serving clients nationwide and worldwide. We are extremely committed to delivering quality advice, sales and support to assist our clients to achieve the maximum from their investment.

Addis Software PLC was started because we want to contribute our own share by providing opportunities to talented developers and work on projects that actually can bring a significant change in Ethiopia’s IT sector, digitalizing government services or private sector services and many more. We want to create an environment where everyone learns from each other and grow together by creating an open and transparent culture in our office.

Started as a group of passionate software developers, and now we are booming with our mission to create a “digital well-being” that the public can enjoy, in a sense that talented programmers and tech enthusiasts have the ability to show their powers and talents by working on big scaled and challenging projects, while also learning to grow together.

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Software Development In Ethiopia

  In today’s world, software development has become one of the pivotal tools used by businesses As well as government institutions to reach new heights of integration. Simply, it entails creating and maintaining software products, which constitute websites, web apps, mobile apps, and so on. The process of writing and maintaining source codes is only one part of the larger process of software development. Which also includes conceptualization, specification, design, programming, documentation, testing, and bug fixing.  It encompasses everything from the conception of the desired software to its final delivery. That is to say, it is a broad concept. which encompasses research, new development, and modification. As well as reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other activities that result in software products.

 Growth statistics over the years

  Between 2021 and the beginning of 2022 alone, internet users in Ethiopia increased by 731 thousand Further reaching a total number of 29.83 million people. Subsequently, cellular mobile connections increased to 58.54 million. Escalating factors include the COVID-19 effect on (remote)work, entertainment, as well as the country’s dedication to realizing a Digital Ethiopia by 2025.  On a global scale, mobile app downloads raise dramatically from 140.7 billion downloads in 2016 to 230 billion in 2021 over the 5 years. Likewise, the Android and iOS app revenue in the same period surged to reach $133 billion in 2021 (+19 percent).   Following the increase in demand for web design, app development, and other software-related services the number of Ethiopian developers, estimated to be around 19,000 in September 2022, has shown a boost. Correspondingly An article on Business Insider Africa states that Ethiopia is ranked ninth among the top ten African countries with the most professional software developers. This evidently indicates that software development in Ethiopia is on the rise.

How Software Development Is Transforming Ethiopia Business

Whether realized or not, software development has forever altered many aspects of our lives.  As well as revolutionized the way companies interact with their customers. From smartphone apps that redefine modern communications to new application models like blockchain, microservices, and the IoT, altogether. software development has completely transformed industries worldwide. software development in Ethiopia is no exception, With the number of smartphone and internet users rising rapidly, firms are realizing the benefits. As well as the huge risk of not– getting on board with the digital trend.   Businesses require online platforms and mobile apps because they influence how customers find and purchase their products. Further, software development products blur or erase geographical boundary lines, making domestic products or services accessible to billions.       

You don't need to look any further

 At Addis Software, you will meet first-rate software developers who specialize in various aspects of the field. From web and mobile app development services to Search Engine Optimization and UI/UX design, so that you can have it all in one place. We also provide sound technology consulting and comprehensive digital transformation solutions to ensure your utmost success and continuity. Committed to contributing our share to the growth of software development in Ethiopia.  Our dedicated team will help you build personalized, seamless, innovative apps as well as websites with user-friendly web design. Moreover, We tailor all of our solutions to your specific business and customer needs. After using our services, you can await eclipsing your competitors. Helping to increase your market share, and growing your revenue stream all in all.


  • When developing software for a client, the client must be willing to make requirements as clear, comprehensive,  prioritized, and accurate as possible. This will reduce confusion and the need for redoing work that does not match the vision. In turn, it will optimize the development cost while speeding up deployment time.

  • Requirements Analysis -gathering all the specific details required for a new system will collect the functional and design requirements of the business process, the user requirements, and the operational requirements.

    Planning – which developers will plan for the upcoming project. the planning stage sets the project schedule, which can be of key importance if development is for a commercial product that must be sent to market by a certain time.

    Design -Developers will outline the overall application’s details, including specific aspects, such as user interfaces, System interfaces, network, and network requirements Databases.

    Software development -is the part where developers write code and build the application according to the earlier design documents and outlined specifications. Developers will follow any coding guidelines as defined by the organization.

    Testing – ensure there aren’t any bugs and the end-user experience will not be negatively’s important that the software overall ends up meeting the quality standards.

    Deployment -After the project team tests the product and the product passes each testing phase, The phases include deployment preparation and procedures, product deployment, transferring ownership of the product, and closing the deployment phase. Then the product is ready to go live. This means that the product is ready to be used in a real environment by all end users.

  • The cost of developing a website or app depends on the size and complexity of the project.

  •  It usually takes several months to develop an app.

  • The number of developers required depends on the size and complexity of the project. Generally speaking, it takes a team of developers to create an app.

  • We will have frequent meetings to Regularly engage clients through weekly check-ins, feature-related discussions, and a staging environment for them to see progress in all means of communication.

  • After a product’s launch, we ensure that our clients are happy and satisfied by providing follow-up.

  • We use ​​JavaScript, Java, HTML, C, Git, C++, Python, CSS, and  SQL choosing one for a project would depend on the project’s requirements, business goals, and other expectations. 

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