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COVID-19 pandemic and Addis Software | Tips to work from home

Posted On 17 August 2020

The past couple of months has been a tragedy all around the world. As it became apparent that companies will have to work remotely for some ...

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Containerise everything!! : using docker in Ethiopia

Posted On 20 March 2020

You might have come across buzzwords such as containerization, docker and wondered what all the fuss was about. And why it is important to use docker ...

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React.js Let’s Hook part 2

Posted On 07 February 2020

this is the continued part form our last blog in React.js Let’s Hook, If you didn’t read that, I suggest you do so here so in ...

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Developers working together

Software Developers In Ethiopia

Posted On 17 January 2020

We are excited to be a part of the fast-pacing movements of the technology industry. We got the chance to be working with a diverse group ...

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react native

Getting started with react-native

Posted On 01 January 2020

What is react native If you are just getting started with React I suggest reading those blogs in Addis Software website Getting started with react.js and ...

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Addis Software a company based in Ethiopia

How to start a company in Addis Ababa by Addis Software

Posted On 24 December 2019

If you did not read part one of this blog, please click here and read. Part 2  I will cover how Addis Software continued throughout the ...

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React.js Let's Hook

Posted On 18 December 2019

If you are a starter to react, I suggest that you read this blog first on how to get started with react.js. When did Hooks come ...

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Addis Software a company based in Ethiopia

How to Start a tech company or PLC in Ethiopia | Addis Ababa

Posted On 13 December 2019

How to start a company in Addis Abeba by Addis Software Part 1 What prompted me to write this blog is, it was complicated for me ...

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How to get started with react.js

Posted On 11 December 2019

What is react.js? In this blog, we will discuss what Javascript is and What a library is and we will take a look at react The ...

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Why attend a tech event?

Posted On 06 December 2019

What is Devfest ? This year’s Devfest Let’s talk about this year’s Devfest. Let’s start with the location. It was held at Grand Eliana hotel. And ...

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