How to start a company in Addis Ababa by Addis Software

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If you did not read part one of this blog, please click here and read.

Part 2

 I will cover how Addis Software continued throughout the rest steps to start the business. 

Step 10: Stamp

 Get a stamp for your company from any business center or printing service shop.

A company stamp is a must to proceed with the next steps, Documents you need to get your company stamp are:

  1. Business Registration
  2. Business License 
  3. Logo (if you have one)

Step 11: VAT Registration

This step may vary from business to business. You will only need to have a VAT registration certificate if you are a VAT payer. We can take our Addis Software as an example, it is a VAT registered company. Most businesses or companies are VAT Payers. 

You will get your VAT Registration Certificate from the nearest ERCA office (የኢትዮጵያ ገቢዎችና ጉምሩክ ባለስልጣን ), most likely it will be the office you visited to get your company TIN Certificate. 

You will be asked to bring your Business License, TIN Certificate and a stamp. This step will not take more than 30 minutes. 

Step 12: Bank Account

You may be asking why opening a bank account is among the last steps. Although it may sound unusual, you are only required to state the amount of money you want to put in starting your business on the previous steps. 

What I advise here is to carefully choose your bank. As Addis Software, I and my partner had to visit multiple banks and discussed with the bank managers to find out what special services they will offer. The offers may include internet banking, mobile banking and other offers for the company and employees. 

Step 13: Sales Register Machine and Manual Receipt Print

A Fiscal printer or cash register machine is a must for VAT Registered businesses. 

To start processing a sales register machine Go to the ERCA office and write a letter to get permission. 

Step 14: Additional Business Licenses 

If you think you need additional business licenses, you can always go back to your sub city Trade and Industry office to expand your license. 

Addis Software got its software export license at this step. 

Step 15: Investment License 

If your business is in the IT sector you can get an additional investment license from the office of Addis Ababa Bureau of Investment located around Senga Tera 

To summarise all steps

Offices to get services:
  • Addis Ababa Sub City Offices
  • ERCA (ገቢዎች)
  • DARA (ውልና ማስረጃ)
  • MCIT for IT sector
  • Addis Ababa Bureau of Investment (optional)
A little secret from Addis Software:
  • Always have multiple copies of your documents when you visit the above offices except for MCIT.
  • Go to the offices early in the morning to save time. Because of this, we were able to finish all the processes with less than 4 days.
Last but not least!

Relax and Enjoy! Addis Software wishes all people reading this blog Best of Luck in your business.