Interns Sponsored by Sweetopia and internship in Ethiopia

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Interns Sponsored by Sweetopia and Internship in Ethiopia

As a student, the environment accommodates itself to be rough in all the aspects possible. Starting from being a fresh year student, up till graduation, and what adds up to that is doing the internship period. It could be a double-edged sword, and internship in Ethiopia is no exception.

With more students joining universities and colleges each year and by the time they reach a certain phase in their higher education journey, the question that usually comes up is, “what shall I do now”? Most people, if asked, would recommend doing internships in Ethiopia. 

Here at Addis Software, we are working closely with Sweetopia, an IT company based in Sweden. Sweetopia brings the experience needed to be a determined developer, with challenging topics to tackle, exciting projects to work on and the chance to work directly with top-notch Swedish developers. 

We are working on several projects which entail building mobile and web applications. Leveraging cutting edge technologies like Google cloud services and cross-platform frameworks such as react-native, our talented team of developers works to deliver high-quality products to our diverse clientele.

Welcoming Interns

The latest additions to our team are, Dagmawi Asfaw, Fireayehu Zacharias, Henkok Akanaw, Leulseged Tariku, and Simret Araya. They are our new interns from various universities and sponsored by Sweetopia. We hope this will be an opportunity for them to expand their skills as well as gain some hands-on experience. They will be led by our senior developers Henok Tsegaye and Abdulhamid Omar.

Current Project 

A new interesting project we are working on is a cross-platform mobile application for a Swedish market. And as the plethora of frameworks and tools created to make development easier keeps growing, just like a kid at the candy store, the task of choosing the right tech stack becomes even harder. 

But the best solution to that is letting the problem you are trying to solve make the choices for you. In our case, we wanted to have faster development time and optimized performance. Even though it is often a compromise between the two, we have managed to create the right balance. The MERN stack, where we’ve switched out react for react-native has been the one best suited for our needs.

React native{} was the obvious choice for us because it is based on the JavaScript library that allows you to create a single javascript codebase that will work on different mobile devices (iOS, Android & Windows). Going for the all in one approach has many benefits like 

  •  It is a cost-effective solution
  • You can use the reusable code.
  • Easy access to plugins.
  • Rapid development
  • Ideal for prototyping

We are also using Nodejs{} with express{} to build our backend API. Although there are lots of node server frameworks out there, we choose express because it has simple routing and support for Connect middleware, allowing many extensions and useful features. Express is a minimal, open-source and flexible Node.js web app framework designed to make developing websites, web apps, & API’s much easier.

And for the CI/CD, we have chosen to use the GitLab-CI{} tool to create our development pipeline. It has made continuous testing and integration of new features a lot easier and faster. And our NoSQL database will be stored in MongoDB Atlas{} cloud storage.

We have also added modern implementations such as Bank id + Facebook integration, custom chat integration, map, and contract.

Technologies used:

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Contentful
  • Swish

How is Sweetopia involved in the process Internship in Ethiopia?

Sweetopia is involved from the very beginning from design to implementation by consulting and working together. Their developers are well motivated and dedicated to answering any questions we have. 

We may not have used the latest technologies we are using now without the help of their developers’ consultancy.

How will interns benefit from our internship in Ethiopia program?

1. Experience & Skills

One of the golden benefits of going out in our Internships in Ethiopia is that Interns will gain the valuable experience needed right away from the hands of experts in the market.

Moreover, they get to refine, develop, and sharpen their skills, to easily adapt to new, modern changes within the community. Having such talented skills can never go unnoticed by big market players who are willing to hire such people. 

2. Network

As you get to experience the work surroundings, the people you meet and get to know increases, and this becomes a game-playing factor in the long run, as you may end up being a full-time job in no time at all. Additionally, the talented people you may have the opportunity to learn from as well as gain new information is almost invaluable.

On the other side, for companies who want to hire interns, they are also looking for something they can demonstrate. Such companies get advantages and benefits as does the intern.

A Larger Perspective

Employers will have the chance to build relationships with younger generations and get their insights on what are the modern trends they are missing. Such companies can have partnerships with colleges and universities to recruit talented students who might end up being future employers. Having interns can also increase productivity within the company while enhancing the social presence which will attract new customers. Employers also get to lead youngsters, which develops leadership skills within the company.

Good for startups

As a startup company, with low workforce and capacity, alongside financial constraints, hiring interns is the best option, since they can bring exposure and productivity to the work environment. Many interns are here to learn and gain new skill sets, and that is what small and medium business companies are looking for. 

In Ethiopia, there are many companies offering software solutions as their profession and relying heavily upon local human force, Ethiopian tech-savvy are looking for such opportunities, and that is where Addis Software PLC comes to the emergence, intending to raise the technical aspect of its community. 

How to be a part of our internship program?

Addis Software is home to developers and a place to learn and grow. We are still accepting internship papers, and regularly get and accept bulk internship applications.

Not just being a normal IT Company in Ethiopia, Addis Software provides a different experience to its employers and interns, with the concept of forging a better Ethiopian Tech community.

To get an internship(Internship in Ethiopia) opportunity and experience the work environment at Addis Software, all you have to do is contact us through Addis Software official website, submit your application and wait for an interview arranged.