ios 16 And It’s Exciting New Features

3 mins read

The public version of iOS 16 was released on September 12, 2022, and it came with newer and better features that we have never seen before, some more head-turning than others. 

Some  of the major updates Apple has made on the new iOS 16 include,

The camera

  • Not only has live text but also live videos and live objects. which allows you to select any live object from the background and send it to your friends or family.
  • Your phone camera can now also connect with your MacBook and you can have better camera quality for your MacBook too. 

The lock Screen

  • The notifications now come from the bottom of the screen allowing you to view your wallpaper.
  • You can select more than one wallpaper for your lock screen with multiple widgets available to make your everyday life easier.
  • You can change the fonts and color or your time on your lock screen.


  • You can now edit your messages, delete or undo them even minutes after you sent them.

Share Play

  • Now with share play you can watch with your friends and family the same content but with different phones or laptops and still be able to message or facetime one another.

These are not the only updates Apple has made on the new iOS 16. It has also made various modifications on focus, mail, safari, passkeys, maps, and applying for payments. As well as wallet, home, health, fitness, security, keyboard and so on. It even made an update on Siri for you to use Harry Potter spells to operate your phone, for example, if you say “Lumos”, your flashlight will turn on. 

The new iOS 16 also added features that promote an inclusive culture. It updated its m-emoji with a more diverse look and hairstyle. iOS 16 has a more inclusive language and many accents for Siri to pick up and help you easily. 

Supporting Devices

Unfortunately, the new iOS 16 is not available for all iPhone models. It can only be updated starting from iPhone 8 and above. And for those of you who don’t have the latest version of the iPhone, after updating to iOS 16, your phone can become slow. Another problem you might consider before updating to iOS 16 is that your iCloud Share Photo Library might need some getting used to. 


Regardless, the major updates Apple has made on the new iOS 16 will make you want to update with its new and exciting modifications that have been made on the software updates but note that, not everyone likes changes. 

For those of you who are not fond of adapting easily to big changes, we suggest backing up your phone before updating it to the new iOS 16. Backing up your phone will help you save all your old files and settings while you do a trial run on the updated version. With your data backed up, if you end up not liking the changes, you can easily change it back to your previous version with ease (one of the perks of iOS 16).

All in all the new iOS 16 and its features are a great addition to better your every life with your iPhones’. iOS 16 has no complaints so far so you would have little to no trouble after updating it and some would argue that it’s more than worth it to upgrade your phone to iOS 16.