New and modern Hotel ERP software in Ethiopia 2024

We offer a comprehensive Hotel ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution designed to streamline and enhance your hotel’s operations. Our Hotel ERP system integrates various aspects of your hotel business into a single platform, allowing efficient management of reservations, front desk operations, housekeeping, accounting, and more.

Core Features

  • fFront Desk Operations

    Front Desk Operations

    Simplify check-ins, check-outs, guest inquiries, & more on a single platform for seamless hotel management.

  • fMulti-location Reservation Management

    Multi-location Reservation Management

    Streamline hotel operations with centralized reservation management for improved efficiency and guest satisfaction.

  • fPoint of Sale System

    Point of Sale System

    Simplify transactions and enhance guest experiences with integrated POS capabilities.

  • fRoom Status Classification

    Room Status Classification

    Seamlessly manage room statuses, ensuring efficient operations and exceptional guest experiences.

  • fIntegration with Booking Sites

    Integration with Booking Sites

    Our Hotel ERP seamlessly integrates with,, and other platforms, ensuring optimized front desk operations.

  • fWorkflow Overview

    Workflow Overview

    Manage hotel operations with single, integrated platform for reservations, front desk tasks, housekeeping, accounting, & more.

  • fGuest Relationship Management

    Guest Relationship Management

    Seamlessly integrated, empowering hotels to strengthen guest connections, optimize services, & elevate satisfaction.

  • fOffline and Online Compatibility

    Offline and Online Compatibility

    Our Hotel ERP guarantees seamless online/offline operations for uninterrupted hotel management.

Hotel ERP Solution(Full hotel management system)

Our Hotel ERP solution simplifies and automates processes, improving efficiency, enhancing guest experiences, and increasing profitability. Easily handle reservations, check-ins, check-outs, and guest preferences with centralized data. Track housekeeping tasks, manage maintenance requests, and ensure well-maintained rooms.

The financial module facilitates effective financial management, tracking revenue, expenses, generating reports, and streamlining billing. Seamless integration with popular accounting software ensures accuracy and efficiency. Robust reporting and analytics features empower data-driven decisions. Generate occupancy reports, revenue analysis, and guest satisfaction insights to identify trends and improve performance. Data security is a top priority, with advanced measures protecting guest and financial information.

Our dedicated customer support team guides implementation, provides ongoing support, and delivers training. Invest in our Hotel ERP solution to transform operations, enhance guest satisfaction, and drive profitability. Streamline processes, leverage data insights, and deliver exceptional experiences. Contact us today to learn more about our Hotel ERP solution and its benefits for your hotel. Let us help you! Optimize operations and achieve success in the competitive hospitality industry.

Hospitality Standard ERP is designed with a unique approach to hotel management, with front desk, bar and restaurant, accounts, sales, marketing and CRM, inventory, purchasing, online reservations, booking sites and more, all integrated and available in a single application.

Front Desk.

From the graphical resource planner, users can review the day’s check-ins and check-outs, view a graphical display of reservations and room availability, and use drag and drop to allocate rooms to specific guests. Reservations can be managed across multiple establishments with the ability to filter by room location. The status of each room can be analyzed with user-defined classification codes, such as reservation requests and room types, allowing the user to manage not just smoking/non-smoking rooms, for example, but those with specific facilities and amenities such as wheelchair access and additional beds or saunas and hot tubs. A comprehensive range of reports are available, such as a newspaper report (how many to order and where to deliver) and a guest service facility which allows wake up calls to be ordered, instructions to be sent for housekeeping and special requests for front desk staff. Nationality statistics reporting assists in structuring your marketing more appropriately, as will reports by booking reason (personal versus business trips for example). Occupancy reporting provides statistics per room type and date range and room statistics reporting provides a daily breakdown of occupancy rates and average room prices.

Integration with 300+ Booking and Travel Sites.

Expedia,, TripAdvisor, Orbitz – you name it and Standard ERP’s seamless integration with Siteminder’s channel management service provides a single dashboard to administer your offers and presence on booking sites. Use this dashboard for real-time data to analyze the performance of each room and your establishment on each channel. Make all of your rooms available for reservations across all of your preferred channels and, when one is reserved, the booking and room availability updates in real time for all sites. Eliminate the need for multiple data entry, reduce overbookings, increase your visibility and maximize revenue. Managing your online presence, from booking and billing to social media and marketing while running your establishment can make for a lot of work. Siteminder’s integration with Standard ERP gives you the tools to streamline your online booking process, increase your profit margins and manage your room inventory and dynamic rates.

Pricing and Billing.

Manage private guests and corporate accounts and choose whether to bill immediately or on account. The system supports multiple folios for each reservation which allows bills to be split. Create as many tax setups as necessary, such as:
• guest type (e.g. by nationality, or for tour guides etc.)
• age (e.g. discounts for children)
• corporate account
• agency
• season
• day of the week

Control your booking site presence, web reservations, different packages and pricing, all within Standard ERP. Manage your billing and finances with Yodlee, an integrated service that aggregates your accounts to accurately track your billing, banking and expenses. Once a guest pays their bill, Yodlee can automatically generate a receipt and link it to the invoice. Ensure invoices are issued efficiently with automatic emailing, a feature that sends guests their bill electronically upon check-out. For cancellations, you can apply percentages of the total reservation to charge based on how close to the booked dates the cancellation occurs. Likewise, various prepaid amounts per customer type and how far out from the desired dates a reservation can be made can also be set. Subject to appropriate security controls, specific staff can be given authorization to override any pricing, with full traceability. Also folio entries can be redistributed, giving easy control over billing to companies for business items and to the individual for personal costs.

Conferencing and Group Bookings.

Easily generate cover letters and quotations with Standard ERP. Reservation quotations allow you to check availability for group bookings and to quickly create multiple room reservations. Groups can be families occupying one or more rooms, or large parties. Bills can be created for individual guests, agents or external companies. The reservation system can also be used to book other hotel facilities, from conference rooms and sports facilities to equipment such as projectors and computers. Invoices can be issued separately for such reservations, or charged to a specific room. Allocate rooms to specific booking agencies, portals and any other reseller. You can choose rooms by type and location, for any date range, and automate the allocation – while retaining the ability for manual overrides. Reporting includes a Channel Statistics report that allows you to evaluate the performance for each type of reseller.

Room Cleaning and House Maintenance

Use Standard ERP’s workflow overview to track which rooms need cleaning and which are ready for check-in. Rooms can be brought in and out of service, and maintenance tasks and routines can be assigned to staff, either on general to-do lists or with specific dates booked in their employee calendar. The housekeeping report gives an overview of the rooms to be prepared and includes any special instructions from the front desk, such as sheet changes, etc. Interfaces are available for switchboards and web television making it easier for cleaning staff to update each room’s status.

Restaurant and Bar

Standard ERP has a touch screen point of sales (POS) system for bars and restaurants, which works equally well for hotel facilities as it does for standalone bars and restaurants. If your internet connection is lost or disabled, the system will continue operating normally and sync all recorded data once connectivity is restored. Restaurant reservations can be made from the restaurant or from the front desk, making it easy for reception staff to offer such bookings upon check-in. Swipe card login can be used for efficiency and fingerprint login for enhanced security. Bar tabs are accessible from any terminal and handheld devices can be used to take restaurant orders, which can then be printed immediately in the kitchen – even in a different language from that used in the front-of-house. Items can be classified in many different dimensions, and associated with any number of these classifications – allowing for fast searching and efficient data entry. Split tabs between multiple guests and accept payments in a mixture of cash, credit cards or charge it to a room. Inventory levels are updated automatically and the guest sales history is stored for marketing and reporting purposes. Any feature you would normally expect in a restaurant POS system is available in Standard ERP, including: • fast price lookup • simple voiding, with associated reporting • automated handling of user-defined service charge percentages • end of shift cashier counting and associated reporting Tables can be set up in a graphical overview, and entries can be made per table by selecting the relevant table in Table View.

Other Modules included

  • Accounts and Management Information
  • Sales and Marketing and Customer Relationship Management
  • Webshop
  • Resort

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