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Apr 12, 2024

Amanuel Shiferaw

Unit Testing

It is a self-contained, piece of code that evaluates and verifies the correctness and expected behavior of another piece of code, UN typically at the level of individual functions or methods.

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    Jan 11, 2023

    Bereket Woldesilasie

    Test Fest

    TestFest is a session of manual software testing. Its main purpose is to guarantee defect-free…

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    Sep 29, 2022

    Leul Habte

    Introduction to Web 3

    Solidity is an object-oriented, high-level language for implementing smart contracts. Smart contracts are programs that…

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    Sep 29, 2022

    Humed Muhammed


    in a few words, a blockchain is a digital ever-growing list of data records. Such…

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    Aug 10, 2022

    Elias Amha


    What is an algorithm? An algorithm is a finite sequence of well-defined,computer-implementable instructions, typically to…

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    Aug 10, 2022

    Lioul Behailu

    Kubernetes crash course

    Kubernetes (also known as k8s or “kube”) is an open source container orchestration platform that…

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    Jul 15, 2022

    Mebratu Kumera

    SEO Driven Development

    SEO- is the practice of optimizing a website so that it ranks well on search…

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    Jun 24, 2022

    Ephrem Demelash

    Advanced Node JS

    A Node.js app runs in a single process, without creating a new thread for every…

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    Jun 12, 2022

    Leul Habte

    Introduction to Data Science

    Data Science is the deep study of a large quantity of data, which involves extracting…